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Copper Countertops

Copper Countertops - A Unique Way To Add A Touch Of Style To Your Kitchen

Your choice of kitchen countertop will dramatically affect the overall look of your kitchen. With the natural beauty and strength of granite and other hard stones, it is but natural for most high end homes to have them.

However, there are some homeowners who would like to be different. If you are such a homeowner, and still would like your countertop to have that stylish and elegant look, copper countertops might just be the one you are looking for. It is an unconventional choice, but you will be able to express elegance and sophistication in a very unique way.

 copper countertops
Copper has been a popular choice for kitchen utensils in the past. They are now being integrated in kitchen countertop designs for those who can afford them. But there is a need for you to get acquainted with copper so that you’ll be able to take better care of them. Copper is a non-ferrous metal with an attractive finish exhibiting a rich and shiny deep brown color. With proper care, they will last for a long time. It can withstand heat therefore putting a hot pan or a hot kettle will not be a problem. But you must be careful that hot items do not stay too long on its surface because it may cause distortion in the metal.


If you don’t want your copper countertop to be scratched, avoid chopping your food in it. Copper gets easily scratched, just like any other metal. Usually, copper countertops are cut and shaped from copper sheets measuring 48 inches x 119 inches. They are thin sheets and are easily susceptible to dents and scratches. It is therefore better to cut or chop your food on a cutting board placed on top of your copper countertop to avoid accidentally scratching its surface.

One advantage of copper is that they can be easily cut and formed into the desired shape. Unlike hard stones which requires skillful processing and special equipment to turn out an excellent work piece, copper is not that difficult to process. Of course you also need the required skills and equipment to work the copper sheets but compared to granite, they are easier to handle.

copper countertops - being manufactured

In fact, those with metal fabrication skills can make their own metal countertop and save the cost of labor as a result. The tools needed are mostly basic tools of a handyman which includes an electric drill and bits, C-clamps, saber saw, belt sander, hammer, level, fine toothed hand saw, rubber mallet, masking tapes and safety glasses. Additional smaller tools like screw driver, wrench, compass and sandpaper are also a necessity.

If you are the typical homeowner who has no experience in metal fabrication, it would be best if you let a professional handle the project. You will be able to take advantage of his skills and experience in metal fabrication.  He may even give you good advice on what specific type of design that will blend with your existing kitchen furniture. Just make sure that you get a professional that knows how to construct and install copper countertops and one that will give you an honest estimate of his services.