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Discount Countertops - How To Find A Bargain

Many people would like to upgrade their kitchen but don't because they think it's just too expensive. When many people think of a new kitchen they imagine a gleaming granite countertop taking center stage.

When they then check out the price of granite at one of their kitchen showrooms they think they just can't afford the prices. But these showrooms are usually where you find the most expensive products. If you do a little research and are prepared to spend some time looking for bargains, then you will come to realise that there are discount countertops available that are still high-quality.

Granite has qualities that make it appear both warm and beautiful at the same time and has ideal characteristics for use in the kitchen. Granite countertops come in many colors and they can add a focal point to your kitchen. Many people like to have their kitchen painted in very neutral colors and then add a splash of color by installing a granite countertop. Granite is very hard and this makes it ideal for use in the kitchen.

One way to find a discount countertop is to learn about granite tiers. There are usually 3 or tiers, with the top one being the highest quality. But this is based on a number of factors that may not even be of interest to you. What tier the ganite is in is based on things like the country of origin, the color, the patterns, the thickness and even the latest fashion trends.

So straight off you can see that if you like a color that is in one of the lower tiers you will already be saving money. Also, fashions in granite come and go, just like other fashion trends. So your particular taste in color and pattern could be in the lower tier. So the first bit of advice is to check all the different tiers. Just because granite has been placed in tier 3 or 4 doesn't necessarily mean that the quality is any lower.

Another option to save money is to opt for granite tiles instead of a countertop. When installed professionally these can look truly fantastic. Granite tiles come in all sizes, and with the larger sizes, that can be 36" square, you would only need a few to cover the whole countertop area.

Another option is to get yor kitchen designed in a simple layout. This will avoid the extra work of cutting the granite to fit intricate nooks and crannies. This in itself can save a small fortune. It will also give your kitchen a more streamlined, modern look.

So armed with enough information and a litle time you can see that it's not as difficult as it seems to find high-quality discount countertops. So don't put off getting that new kitchen just because you think you can't afford it.