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Discount Tile

How Discount Granite Tiles Can Save You Money

We all want to have that expensive look for our homes. If you have a granite floor or countertop, that distinguishes your house from the ordinary. What prohibits most of us is the high cost of granite.

But there is a way you can get that pricey look without upsetting your budget. Granite tiles are the perfect answer to those who want to cut cost yet still retain the image of quality. With a discount tile, you will still have the same material, but at a considerably low price.

Granite is preferred by homeowners not only because of its natural beauty but also because of its durability. But the cost of a 12 inch by 12 inch granite slab is around $75 while a granite tile of the same size only ranges from $5 to $30. This big difference makes it attractive to those who want to cut costs and still retain the same looks. In response to the needs of this type of homeowner, many manufacturers have made granite tiles readily available in the market.

Granite slabs are usually about ¾ to 1 ¼ inch thick. The typical size of one slab is about 105 inches by 54 inches. Coupled with its natural hardness it is no wonder that granite slabs can last for a long time. Although granite tiles are thinner and smaller than the granite slabs, by careful and proper setting of each tile to the base surface, they can also last for a considerable length of time.

One advantage of tiles is that they are easier to work with than slabs. They can be worked out in corners, and edges with custom shapes. You will find that cutting slabs into shapes is a lot harder. With the thinner discount tile, workers will find them easy to cut into the desired shapes and forms.

With its growing popularity, manufacturers have come up with different granite tiles to suit the different tastes of homeowners. There are now a sufficient variety of granite tiles that can be applied to floors, stairs, walls, entrance passages of homes and buildings. A discount tile is very easy to work with and that makes it very practical for modern day builders.

For practical purposes, we can classify granite tiles by their color, texture and finishes, porosity and edging and applications. The various colors of granite are the result of the combination of its mineral and crystal content. There are yellow, blue, green, brown, gray and white colored granite tiles. Shades of pink and burgundy are also not uncommon, and these types are used as decorative tiles.

We can also differentiate them by their finishes. Tiles with polished finishes bring out their natural colors and enhance their differences from each other. Granite tiles are also made to appear older by the process called antiquing where a rusty appearance is projected. Those with darker shades are given a leathering process to give them a textured matte finish.

You can also classify granite tiles by the application they are designed for. For instance, polished tiles are good for countertops and flooring with low-traffic. Floor tiles with honed finishes are best for high-traffic areas whether outdoors or indoors. So consider a discount tile instead of the pricier slab and you could save yourself a small fortune.