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Granite Remnants

A well appointed granite kitchen countertop is cut out of a single but large piece of granite slab and shaped according to its particular design. In the process, several small pieces of granite stones are left over from the original slab. These pieces are called granite remnants and they are not considered waste by wise fabricators. Homeowners who are on the look-out for cheap but quality materials are the typical buyers of these cut-outs.

These small pieces of granites still retain the original beauty and quality of the original slab precisely because it came from that slab in the first place. But there’s a big difference in price. The cost of the left over will be about 10% to a maximum of 70% less than its original cost. And yet, you still get the same quality. If you have a small project in your home and you want quality without the high price, then this is for you.

Granite remnants are typically used by cost-conscious homeowners for smaller projects like bathroom vanity tops, shower seats, kitchen islands and coffee tables. Some of these remnants are large enough to build a small kitchen countertop. However, because they generally come as smaller-sized cut-outs, you are better off using them just for smaller projects. Keep in mind that the supplier has already sold this stone once. He has already earned money out of it therefore its price must be lower than the original.

However, you have to do the work of carefully choosing the pieces that you will buy. In this case, you must be flexible with what you have in mind and what is available on stock. You also have to be patient because the left over stock may change quite frequently. If you check back with the stone yard often, you will be able to get the granite pieces that will look terrific in your home.

Inexpensive granite remnants also come in various colors. It is not unusual to find striking colors like golden brown, black pearl, Kashmir gold, etc. You can also get these small pieces with an exciting combination of color and movement. In addition, these leftover stones usually have smooth and highly polished surface because that is the condition of their original slabs. Others may have honed, flamed and other types of finishes. Therefore, you can have highly finished granite at a very low cost.

The process of fitting these cut-outs to your particular project is the same as that of the large slabs of granite. You can also cut and shape it according to the needs of your project. The stone fabricator can also shape your smaller pieces and polish their edges for a small fee if you don’t have the tools to do it. If you want your project to last, you have to seal it to prevent water seepage and you can also ask the granite fabricator to do this. By doing this, no one will ever know that your granite was just a mix of leftovers from a bigger project and that it cost you just a fraction of its original price.