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Different Kitchen Countertops Options To Fit Your Budget

Money-wise, the value of your home can be significantly increased by your kitchen countertop. Not mentioning the fact that it may be the venue by which the gourmet chef in you can express himself.

It is also acknowledged by home builders that a kitchen countertop dramatically impacts the general appearance of your kitchen. That’s why it is important for you to be aware of the various kitchen countertop options if you are planning to build or replace yours.

In choosing the right option, you must keep in mind the overall function of the kitchen countertop. It is used primarily in preparing and cooking food. As such, the homeowner uses it several times during the day. Therefore, it must be strong enough to withstand this daily stress. It must also be beautiful and clean so that the homeowner will enjoy his daily work in the kitchen. For those who are the do-it-yourself types, ease of installation and maintenance will also be a factor.

The ideal kitchen countertop options for those with deep pockets are the granite countertops. Granite’s natural beauty, with its different colors and various vein movements, plus its strength and durability makes it the number one choice for high-end homes. Properly installed and sealed, you will have no problem with its maintenance. Most of all, you will be able to enjoy its beauty longer than other cheaper countertops.

Next to granite, but still looking elegant and stylish are the metal countertops like the stainless steel or copper. They are also relatively expensive, but easier to build and maintain. Since they are actually thin metal sheets cut into the countertop shape, they need strong supports. They are also easily scratched and dented, which is why you need to handle them carefully. To protect these metal countertops from scratches, fabricators seal the surface right after the installation. Copper countertops are preferred by avant-garde homeowners because of their warm color and their neat appearance.

Home builders typically use countertops made of hardwood for houses with traditional design. Wood naturally brings that rustic and warm feeling to such homes. Since wood absorbs liquid, the countertop needs to be properly sealed after its installation to prevent liquid, grime and dirt from penetrating the surface. If you want the wood to retain its clean and attractive appearance, you have to reseal its surface once a year.

One of the kitchen countertop options that will appeal to those who are looking for affordable yet expensive looking material is the countertop made of granite tiles. Granite tiles are considerably cheaper than the whole granite slabs. They are also thinner than the slabs so you need to support them with wood backing to prevent the tiles from cracking. With the proper support structure, you can have a luxurious countertop at a fraction of the cost. Another option for those who are do-it-yourself types is the laminate countertop. You can easily cut and process laminate materials. If you have the skills and the proper tools, you can cut them into shape and fasten them on your countertop. You just have to follow the correct process of installing the laminate. It will also give you long service life if you treat the laminate top with proper care.