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Onyx Countertops

So you’re planning to get a new countertop for your home? Nowadays you’ll be surprised at the huge selection of countertops available in the market. There are so many of them that you’ll find it hard to pinpoint exactly which you want to have. If you want something special that can add style and color to your kitchen, you’ll never go wrong with onyx countertops.

Granite is considered the most popular and commonly used material for countertops. It is strong, durable, and easy to install. It is also easy to clean. However, it is expensive and has limited colors to choose from. Today, many manufacturers are turning to onyx, a precious natural stone, as a substitute for granite.

Onyx is very popular since it has been a favorite stone in making jewelry and in building altars and churches. Today it’s even more valued as an addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

Onyx countertops are just as durable as those made of granite, limestone, or marble, which is why it won’t come as a surprise at all to see them in so many homes. Aside from its superior durability, onyx countertops are available in all sorts of colors from light shades of white to charming deep green hues. In addition, this soft stone is easy to cut, so you can have it custom made to fit your kitchen and bathroom.

Many people find onyx countertops very attractive especially when installed with backlights. It has a translucent surface that seems to glow naturally. Having these countertops can surely add color to your boring interiors.

Onyx is considered a semi precious stone which is why the price for onyx countertops is also more expensive than regular countertops. It’s ideal for your luxurious and modern home and a great buy too since you get your money’s worth owing to its durability and unique features.

However, being made of soft stone makes onyx countertops prone to scratches. They are easily scratched by pointed objects like knives, scissors and even abrasive materials used for scrubbing. Another disadvantage is that it’s not stain resistant. Homeowners are advised to avoid having such countertops stained with sauces, oils, and the like.

onyx countertopsThe best way to protect your onyx countertops against stubborn stains and scratches is by applying a reliable sealant. It provides additional protection for your countertop so you don’t have to worry about damaging them accidentally with a knife or by placing very hot objects over it.

Onyx countertops are considered a luxury due to their price and quality. You should only buy from trusted home depots to ensure you get the best out of what you’re paying for. Visit your local home depots and check out their available items. Ask for a comprehensive list of designs and shades to choose from. It’s also important to compare prices and brands before making your final choice.

If you want to have a more attractive, modern, and stylish kitchen and bath, opt for onyx countertops. They’re your best choice as far as functionality and style are concerned. 

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