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Resurfacing Countertops

Two Ways Of Resurfacing Countertops To Save Money

Are you already tired of the way your old kitchen countertop look? Has it already served its useful lifetime and is now showing signs of aging and demise?

Of course, you would like to replace your countertop but you are daunted by the prohibitive cost of building a new one. Well, you don’t need to fret because there is a very affordable alternative in which you can get a “new” countertop without breaking your budget. There are many stone and metal fabricators who specialize in resurfacing countertops. You can use their services to refurbish your old countertop to make it look like new.

There are also homeowners who are good at DIY projects and if you are this type, you can cut down your cost by doing it yourself. This is quite possible if your countertop is made of laminate. But if your countertop is made of hard stone like granite, then it would be better if you would let the professional do the job for you. The intricacies and difficulties of stone work may not be for the average homeowner to handle, even those with handyman skills.

The level of difficulty involved in resurfacing countertops will largely depend on the material which the old countertop is made of. Obviously, resurfacing a laminate countertop is relatively easier than resurfacing an old granite countertop. In resurfacing the laminate top, the existing laminate is stripped off its plywood base. Then the old glue is scrapped off by using solvents or paint removers. The plywood surface is then sanded to make it smooth.

New laminate is measured and cut out to fit the countertop surface. When the surface is ready to be worked on, glue is applied on the surface. The glue must be evenly applied because if not, you will have an uneven laminate with bulges sticking out all over the surface. Then the laminate is laid on top and pressure is applied evenly by using rollers so that it will stick to the plywood backing. After this, the edges are worked on and the whole countertop is given its finishing touches. You already have a new laminate countertop.

It is a whole lot different resurfacing countertops made of granite or other hard stones. As recommended, it is better to let the professional do it. But you also need to know how this is done so that you are sure that you are getting the right value for your money. To start, you need to remove the old countertop from its supports. Use tools for removing bolts and screws and a heat gun to dissolve the glue that holds the stone from its support.

Once the granite is taken off its base, clean it by wiping off the dirt and grime in its surface. Remove the old sealant by using a rag soaked in a chemical stripper. Then, use a medium-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the stone’s surface. This will make the laminate bond strongly to the stone. Then apply laminate glue evenly over the surface and the edges. You can now lay the laminate sheets onto the surface starting at one end of the countertop. Use a roller and evenly push away the excess glue and air under the laminate. With a cloth damped in acetone, clean the surface of any excess glue. Let the glue dry for 48 hours and after that, your “brand new” granite countertop is ready for use.