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Zodiaq Countertops

Quartz is a very durable material commonly used in countertops. It is hard, smooth, and can turn your boring kitchen or bath into a work of art. Among the manufacturers of such countertops in the market, none is more popular and highly recommended than the Zodiaq countertops from DuPont.

For somebody who is fond of giving their home a makeover every now and then, Zodiaq countertops are a household name. Now in its 11th year in the industry, these quality quartz countertops are still the best choice around. Unlike with other brands, Zodiaq is definitely here to stay.

Perhaps you’re wondering why they’re the top choice of many homemakers like yourself. What makes them stand out? Why are they favored by many? Here are three reasons why:

1. Superior durability
Quartz is a very hard, natural stone which makes it ideal for countertops. It has a strong internal structure that makes it just as hard as other materials like marble and granite. So even if you accidentally slammed a hard pot or pan on its surface, rest assured it won’t even crack. You can place just about anything on your countertop and never have to question its durability. 

2. Low maintenance
Other materials are too porous which is why you may find it hard to remove stains on your countertops. With Zodiaq countertops, you don’t have to worry about such problem since quartz has very smooth surface. You can easily wipe stains off the surface using a damp cloth. Stains that stay overnight won’t penetrate the surface at all, so you can have an immaculately clean countertop that looks good as new even as the years pass by.

3. Effortlessly stylish
One thing that makes quartz stands out is its unique characteristics. If you look at the stone closely, you’ll see very fine crystals that glisten and shine, especially when exposed to light. Zodiaq countertops look very chic and attractive, since the surface always looks glossy. It reflects the light from the sun outside your window or the light from the bulb in your kitchen or bathroom. In addition, they are available in over 20 colors, so you won’t find it hard to look for one that will match your home’s color scheme. Additionally, you may choose between speckled or sparkling surfaces. 

Zodiaq countertops sound too good to be true, but mind you they also have their flaws. Although they’re very durable, DuPont is frank in saying that they’re not completely scratch proof. This means that the surface can easily get scratched, especially by sharp objects like kitchen knives. In addition, they’re not heat-free compared with other materials. DuPont strictly points out to avoid placing your pots and pans directly onto the surface after being removed from a heat source. Further, to avoid scratching the surface, you should not use abrasive cleaning materials.

You’ll never go wrong when you opt for Zodiaq countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. Having them around means providing comfort and convenience for the whole family to enjoy for a long time.